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Advanced Certificate for Nurse Assistant NVQ Level - 04

Nursing Assistant regularly works within the vast networks of medical providers. While working under the medical staff the important thing they must have is the communication skills as they have frequent correspondence with other staff. They have to keep in mind the objective is to provide up-to-the-moment care services to their patients. At the point, when changes in patients’ statuses are noted, Nursing Assistants should report these to the doctor or nurse in charge.

This employment regularly requires great physical strength, as Nursing Assistants will be standing and walking for most of their work time as they make the different shift and take care of patients. The ability to lift heavy objects is essential, as they frequently help patients from place to place. Not only this, regarding helping and caring patients, they should also guarantee that the environment is perfect and clean by performing fundamental housekeeping tasks.

  1. Prepare the unit of the client
  2. Maintain personal hygiene, mobility and position of the client
  3. Provide meal to the client
  4. Give medication
  5.  Check and record vital signs
  6. Care of an elderly person
  7. Care of post-natal mother and newborn baby
  8. Care of an infant and child
  9. Give assistance for a client with special needs including non-developmental disorders
  10. Care of wound
  11. Assist in advanced nursing procedures
  12. Maintain effective communication with the client and the family
Age limit

Over 16 years of age & below 42years. ( Male / Female )

Entry Requirements:

06 subjects passes in G.C.E. (O/L) with Simple passes (S) in  Science & English  


Completion of Certificate in Nursing Assistant from TVEC approved institutions.

Other Qualification
  • Student should be medically & mentally fit for working in a hospital
  • ·Student has Good Discipline activities.

Full time: 12 months  - Monday to Thursday  

Time : 8.00 a.m -  3.00 pm


Part time: 18 months  ( 02 days per week )

Time : 9.00 a.m -  4.00 pm


30 % Theoretical session and 70 % Practical Session in during of Institutional Learning periods.

100 % hands on Practical Session in during of Clinical / On the job Learning periods.

The medium of instruction will be in English & Tamil language.  The examinations will be conducted in English, however if any clarifications need to be made will be in Tamil medium.

Qualification Awarded by:

The NVQ certificate will be awarded by Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka"

The Course Completion Certificate will be awarded by The Academic Board of St .Judy Homenursing International Associate. ( this institute registered Under medical Manpower Training Institution by Ministry of Health Sri Lanka )


Full time:

Admission Fee : 10000/=  (payments can be made in 2 installments)

Monthly 5000/=  for 12 months 


Part  time:

Admission Fee : 10000/=  (payments can be made in 2 installments)

Monthly 5000/=  for 18 months 


Please fill the “Application Form”   and send it to :    



College of Vocational Education of Sri Lanka

220, Second floor, Batticaloa Road, Kalmunai 32300.

Sri Lanka.  Tel: 0672226797   Mobile: 075 979 979 3     

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