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First Aid training at Village Level Schools

Full time 2 days First Aid training was provided to 240 students of the school that falls under Pattiruppu Educational Zone of East Sri Lanka with the sponsorship of world vision East  Area Development Project by the Institute of Pre hospital Care of St.Judy Homenursing International Associate.

This training was provided with the sole purpose of rendering a good knowledge and skills to the students, as the life of the innocent people who meet sudden accident in remote or back ward areas and accidents in schools of this areas, can be saved through providing basic life support  till he is taken to the hospital in an event of accident, thereby, these losses can be prevented by providing proper basic life support in time of need.

It is notable that St.Judy Homenursing International Associate is providing First Aid training to students and young people through the Institute of Pre hospital care.


St.Judy Homenursing International Associate donates training equipments worth of two hundred thousand rupees.

Training equipments worth of LKR:200,000 were donated to the base hospital, Kalmunai North by the manager Mr.M.M.Safras of the Institute of Pre hospital Care of St.Judy Homenursing International Associate in order to upgrade emergency services of medical and nursing officers.These equipments were handed over to the base hospital at the presence of Medical Superintendent, Matron and Nursing in- Charge of the emergency Treatment Unit.The medical officers and Nurses who work in the emergency Treatment Unit can enhance their knowledge and skills by exploitation of the services of these equipments.

St. Judy Homenursing International Associate is with the sole purpose of preventing the loss of lives of innocent people through accidents by providing training and equipments to the people and medical sector employees in pre hospital care services.


Nursing Care at Your home

Nursing and Care at Home

At home in familiar surroundings, a person is more comfortable and secure with access to friends, family and colleagues.

Whether illness or injury is long or short term, whether you are confined to bed, partially mobile or just slightly incapacitated, nursing and care at home will make all the difference.

Common needs for care

We care for people in many ways from a minimal 1 hour visit to administer drugs or change dressings, to daily visits and 24 hour live-in care.

In-home care services can include:

  • Health Assessments including blood pressure monitoring and other vital signs, glucose monitoring, post operation monitoring and telemonitoring
  • Teaching about diseases and treatment
  • ECG
  • Wound care
  • Dressing changes
  • Ostomy/colostomy teaching and management
  • IV management
  • Medication reconciliation and reports to doctors or pharmacists
  • Medication administration
  • Injections
  • Heparin flushes
  • Foot care
  • Management of urinary catheters
  • Management of tubes, drains and bags

 Care we do not provide:

  • Maternity care and nursing
  • Care for children under 03 years 

for more information please Contact: 0672225969,0672226797


Event Medic Service

Events Medic Service

Providing medical cover for your event

Here’s a taste of what you can expect when you book the St.Judy Homenursing International to provide first aid  Medic  cover at your event.Trained first aid & Emergency Medical Professional. All our Medics are trained to International standards in advanced first aid techniques, including resuscitation.

The best equipment

Every event will have access to high quality equipment and consumables, including a Trauma Kit. Our modern fleet of Trauma Bag , each fully stocked with life-saving equipment, is maintained to high standards.

Paramedic support

The St.judy  has a number of paramedics who can add vital specialist support at busy events in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

How do I book St Judy Homenursing International for my event?

contact us on 0672225969 to be put in touch with regional St Judy Branch. We will need to know the following information:



Primary Health Care Awareness programme on International Nurses Day 2015

International Nurses Day was honored and celebrated conducting basic health care maintenance and health awareness programme by St.judy Homenursing International Associate.

In this programme, more than 1000 civilians such as parents, students, religious leaders, pregnant women and police officers had participated and those who participated reaped the benefits of this programme through practical learning.

Many participants expressed their views as that, by conducting similar programme all over the nation, a good healthy society can be created.

Further, it is very remarkable that St.Judy Homenursing International Associate is conducting similar Health maintenance and Awareness programme for students and young people by the Institute of Primary Health care 


Certification of past Experiences (CPE)
National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) System and the Background
St.Judy Nurses Training School students won first and Second place medals
Accreditation with TVEC
NVQ to replace GCE O/L and A/L qualifications in Sri Lanka
National & Higher National Diploma for Nurse (NVQ Level 5 &6)
First Aid training at Village Level Schools
St.Judy Homenursing International Associate donates training equipments worth of two hundred thousand rupees.
Nursing Care at Your home

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